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COVID-19 – Reassurance for our guests.

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Covid-19 disrupting your travel plans?

Firstly you can  always cancel our semi flexible reservations without charge right up to your selected cut off point for free cancellation. If you’ve picked a fully flexible rate you can even cancel on the day without charge. To cancel these types of reservations simply contact the booking agent with whom you made the booking or contact us if you booked directly.

If your travel plans are affected outside of your free cancellation window or you booked an advance purchase rate then you are contractually bound by the terms to which you initially agreed but despite not being entitled to free cancellation* we are granting it in many circumstances**.

The pandemic and resulting restrictions do evolve at pace hence we do need to reserve the right to amend the additional flexibility that we offer as things change. We have tried to come up with a policy that is fair to both yourself and also our business. If your booking is either a group or package booking please contact us as soon as you can and we’ll consider your circumstances individually.

The most crucial thing that you can do to help us to be flexible in your case is to cancel your booking as soon as you know that you won’t be coming in order that you give us the maximum opportunity to resell your bedroom.

Below we have covered the most likely eventualities that we can foresee and have detailed what we can currently*** offer in such circumstances. 

  • In the case of domestic guests who have tested positive for COVID 19 (or one of their dependants):
-we will offer free cancellation provided it is made promptly regardless of your booking terms.

-we will ask that confirmation of your positive test is forwarded. If this cannot be provided at the time of cancellation we will charge the cancellation fee and refund once a copy of the test result has been sent across.

-the cancellation request must have been made within 24 hours of you having received the positive test result.

  • In the case of international guests who have tested positive for COVID 19 (or one of their dependants):
-we will not offer free cancellation.

-you will have travel insurance arranged to cover your intended travel. You should use your travel insurance to be recompensed; the onus should fall on the travel insurer rather the hotel in this instance. We will send you an invoice for your cancellation fee in order that you can claim.

  • In the case of any travellers displaying symptoms that require a PCR Test:
-If the reservation is for a date within the next three days we will allow free cancellation provided a PCR test is taken promptly and the test result (negative or positive) is forwarded upon receipt.

-If the reservation is for a date more than three days in the future you must cancel and cancellation fees will apply. If a positive result is forwarded to us you will be refunded. If a negative result is received a refund will be offered if the bedroom has resold or the booking reinstated if not.

  • In the case of restrictions preventing you from travelling to us:
-we will offer domestic guests free cancellation.

-we will not offer international travellers free cancellation, again your travel insurer should recompense.

  • In the case of restrictions closing the hotel:
-all guests receive free cancellation.
  • In the case of guests no longer wishing to travel because of rising COVID rates:
-Generally free cancellation will not be offered and you remain bound by the terms that you initially selected upon booking.

-You should cancel straight away, a cancellation fee will apply but we will refund this if the bedroom resells.

  • If the Government advises against domestic travel
-Even if this is brought in as guidance rather than a legal restriction we will offer free cancellation if the cancellation request is received within 24 hours of official guidance changing/being announced.
  • In the case of a guest’s reason for travelling to York being cancelled:
-If an event or meeting is cancelled or an attraction closed we will not offer free cancellation and you remain bound by the terms that you initially selected upon booking.

-You should consider cancelling immediately, whilst a cancellation fee will initially apply we will refund this if the bedroom resells.


If your own individual circumstances behind your need to cancel are not covered above please cancel your booking immediately and contact us or your chosen booking agent. We’ll consider your request individually and refund you if appropriate.

If you have any further questions please contact info@churchillhotel.com or call us on 01904 644456

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support and loyalty.

Assuring you of our best attention at all times

The Churchill Hotel Team

*In the case of free cancellation having been refused you should also be made aware that you can look to your annual travel insurance policies for recompense in some of the above instances. Most policies do cover pre booked domestic stays.
**If you have booked through a third party agent we will also need to seek their agreement before we could waive any cancellation fees; their agreement is normally forthcoming but cannot be relied upon.
***It is looking likely that the requirement to self isolate will be lifted on or before the 24th March 2022. This may affect the above policy and you should be aware that we may revert to all bookings being bound by their standard terms.

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