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Fire Precautions

We are fully risk assessed by an external fire safety consultancy.

Staff are regularly trained in fire precautions.

In line with current UK legislation the hotel internally is a completely no smoking environment.

All bedrooms are fitted with sensitive smoke and heat detecting sensors which will trigger the alarms if the bedroom is smoked in. A standard charge of £150 will be levied against any guest found to have smoked in the hotel to cover the additional cleaning costs.

The fire assembly point is in the car park opposite the front door.

Fire Action:

Any person discovering a fire should

-Sound the alarm

-Dial 999 to call the Fire Brigade

-Attack the fire if possible using the correct appliances provided.

On hearing the fire alarm:

Leave the building by an escape route (Escape routes are marked in corridors)

Close all doors behind you.

Report to the assembly point.

Please do not take risks and do not return to the building for any reason until authorised to do so.